Art. 1 – Registration

This adventure is open to everyone of any nationality who has reached the age of 18 at the time of registration, who has an aptitudinal medical certificate for cycling and who has a minimum of experience riding an MTB.

Art. 2 – Membership

Every participant in the Romagna Bike Trail must be registered with the Association “Guarda dove ti ho portato”. The club is based in via Del Paradello, 148 Casalborsetti (RA) email
Whoever is not a member of the above association will become so at the time of registration. Registration takes place on emission of the membership card, following payment of the fee of €40.00 and is valid until 31/12/2021.

Art. 3 – Route

The route will start from Porto Corsini and it will end in Porto Corsini.
In the 2021 edition, Romagna Bike Trail will have two routes to allow people to plan at best their trail accordingly their time and physical conditon.

The first route will be about 480 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 10.000 D+.
The second route will be about 380 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 6.500 D+.

Both routes will unfolds over mountain paths, dirt roads, cycle lanes, forest paths and tarmac.

About a month before the starting date, a gpx route which could be subject to variations, will be sent out by email.
The participant will have to upload the supplied route onto a GPS device and follow it from the start to the finish line.

Art. 4 – Start

Starting date: 4 september 2021

Art. 5 – Characteristics of the event – warning

The Romagna Bike Trail is an ADVENTURE on tarmacked roads, cycle lanes, forest paths, dirt roads and paths; the entire route will always be open to traffic and it is therefore OBLIGATORY for all participants to respect the Highway Code.
It is also obligatory to carry a repair kit for repairing breaks and punctures .
Participants should have a good phsyical preparation, resistance to prolonged effort and, above all, the ability to adapt to any situation
There is no maximum time limit.
Any type of external support (except in an emergency) is forbidden, as is the use of motorized vehicles and modification of the route.
Participants should have a good knowledge of the use of GPS and of orientation skills.
Any person who does not adhere to the rules will be disqualified!
The route must be followed in its entirety and without short cuts, a lack of respect for the route results in automatic exclusion from the insurance cover.
If it is necessary to leave the route, the participant must return to the place where they left the route in order to take up the route again.
The participants acknowledge that the route is not signposted, that they travel at their own risk and danger and that they are considered to be on a personal trip without any further rights than the other users of the paths and roads.
The participants are aware that there is no medical or mechanical assistance and no refreshments supplied by the organizers; there is no recovery service for participants who withdraw from the event and there is no obligation on the part of the organizers to search for participants along the route.
Participants undertake to communicate their own withdrawal from the event to the organizer, by calling the telephone number provided.
Participants are aware that the Association “Guarda dove ti ho portato” is not a professional organizing body, instead it acts only for recreational and not patrimonial purposes ( 1174 Cod. civ.); and, therefore, participation in the cycling trip Romagna Bike Trail is always entered into by free choice and for recreational and not patrimonial purposes. For the same reasons, participants renounce undertaking any legal action for any reason against the above-mentioned association.
It follows, therefore, that the above-mentioned organizing association is devoid of, and in any case relieved of any responsibility connected with the Romagna Bike Trail cycling trip. It is also relieved of any responsibility concerning any eventualities that might happen to the cyclists, for example: accidents, getting lost along the route, physical problems, thefts etc.
It follows, therefore, that the Romagna Bike Trail cycling trip is to be considered a mere meeting with spontaneous and independent participation of cycling tourists and cycling enthusiasts on a personal and free trip.
Participants undertake to respect and maintain cleanliness of the places they pass through: fields, woods, paths and agricultural properties, they undertake not to discard their rubbish along the route, but to throw it away in specific rubbish collecting containers.

Art. 6 – Checks

There may be checkpoints present to verify that participants have not used short-cuts. Every participant, on finishing the Romagna Bike Trail, must send the GPS tracking of the route followed, by email to:

Art. 7 – Obligatory kit

For their own personal safety, in case of an emergency or of getting lost along the route, each participant is obliged to have on their person for the whole duration of the adventure, the following minimum safety equipment:
• A high-visibility reflective jacket for night cycling
• A whistle
• A mobile phone
• A homogolated helmet
• Front and back lights
• GPS navigator
The organizers would advise participants to use a fully functioning Mountain Bike.
Participants are also advised to take with them all the material necessary for routine maintenance and eventual emergency repairs.

Art. 8 – Final rule

On applying to participate in the Romagna Bike Trail, all participants:
• Declare that they have read and approved the present rules and accept every part of them;
• Declare that they have acknowledged that the event is a non-competitive challenge of resistance and remarkable physical and psycho-physical commitment and is without ranking;
• Declare that they know that, as parts of the course are off-road, some stretches may be arduous and rugged and require a good riding technique, without which the rider will, according to their own judgement, get through the difficult stretch by getting off the bike and pushing it on foot;
• Declare that they will face the demanding stretches of the course, like stairs, paths, steep slopes, exposed paths and fords with the utmost care without causing danger or damage to themselves or to other cyclists, choosing, on their own initiative, alternatives to the route that they consider to be most suitable for their own safety;
• Declare that they have experience in GPS navigation on off-road routes and/or routes that are not tracked;
• Declare that they have experience and they are aware that the course is not sign-posted, it is not monitored and there are no safety positions and/or rescue staff along the route;
• Declare that they have knowledge of and experience in riding bikes along routes and paths;
• Declare that they have experience of, and are aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and to be able to find their own way and pedal in hills and mountains in such conditions;
• Declare that they are physically prepared to face many hours in the saddle without a break and in complete autonomy;
• Declare that they do not take part in doping or take any drugs or medicinal substances that can alter performance or cause situations of harm or danger to themselves or to others;
• Declare that they have all the necessary equipment to take part in adventures of this kind and to be able to autonomously follow the route set out by the organizers;
• Declare that they understand that along the course unexpected events can happen, such as landslides, sun, wind, rain, hail, lightning, cold conditions, night conditions, darkness, fog, snow, ice, encounters with unsupervised and/or wild animals, falls, accidental collisions with other participants or with people who are out walking and/or motor vehicles on the parts of the road open to vehicles and declare that they are adequately prepared to face emergency situations;
• Declare that their own equipment is in excellent condition and ready for the use that the GPS track requires;
• Take it upon themselves to guarantee their own behaviour during and after the event;
• Declare that the aptitudinal medical certificate for cycling conforms to DM 18/02/1982 and/or DM 26/04/2013 issued by a Sports Medical Centre or by a doctor;
• Declare that they are in good physical condition and that they have undertaken a medical aptitudinal test for competitive or tourist cycling, relieving the organization from any responsibility of any injury that they may suffer as a consequence of participating in this event;
• Express approval of the use of their data, including for commercial ends, as provided by the law on privacy no. 196 of 30/06/2003;
• Concede to the organizers the utmost approval of the use, in ways allowed by the law, even for profitable ends, of every video, photographic, etc., image of themselves taken during the days of the event, giving the organizers, from the moment of registration, the faculty to give these images to third parties;
• Expressly authorize the organization, free of charge, to use fixed or moving images picturing themselves, taken during the event, on all the days of its duration;
• This authorization of the particpants’ image must be intended as given for an undetermined time period and without territorial limits anywhere in the world, for use in various publications and films, including, as mere examples but not limited to, promotional and/or publicity material realized on all devices.
• The organization can, furthermore, give to third parties and to its own institutional and commercial partners, the rights of use set out in this agreement.

The organization declines any responsibility for itself and its collaborators, for accidents or damage to people or things, that might happen before, during and after the event or as a result of the same.

The organization also reserves the right to exclude from the event any cyclists who exhibit improper behaviour before, during and after the event.

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